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1 - Basic insurance ?

--Who is insured?

Are insured the driver(s) named on the rental contract as well as the passengers, and this for the entire duration of the rental (until the return of the keys and papers to the Renter during the opening hours of the agency).

--For what duration? The end of the rental contract is materialized by the handing over of the vehicle with its original keys to an employee of the Renter, in the agency, at the date and time stipulated in the rental contract. In the absence of handing over to the Renter's employee, the end of the contract will take place at the opening time of the 1st working day of opening of the agency following the deposit of the keys.

--The deposit ?

he deposit is between 800 € and 1500 € depending on the type of vehicle rented.
It is given upon delivery of the vehicle by card or check or cash.
It is taken in case of accident responsible, damage to the vehicle without a recognized third party and theft.
The deposit is returned upon return of the vehicle and after verification of it (without report and in case of accident the repair costs and damage will be deducted from the deposit). Are not insured the windows, accessories (buttons, signs and switches in the interior of the vehicle), spare wheel,

In case of theft or accident, a report must be drawn up within 24 hours CAUTION: It is reminded that, if the tenant is involved in several claims during the rental period, each claim will give rise to the application of a deductible according to the above terms and conditions.

---The car must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered, otherwise :

The damages are the responsibility of the tenant
Fuel must be put back to the same level, otherwise 10 € per missing graduation
Punctures, rims and fines are the responsibility of the tenant.
The car must be returned in the same state of cleanliness as on delivery otherwise cleaning will be charged 5 €.

2 - The Pack Protection+ ?

(Basic insurance + repurchase of deductible = Protection+ Pack) The Protection+ insurance includes the damages on :
Front and rear lights
The windshield.
The rocker panel and tires.

Tunisia-Rent-Carintègre at its rates insurance against unpredictable events of car rental in Tunisia (theft, accidents ...).

For an optimal protection and a renting without worries, our Pack Protection+ assures you at 100% it includes the cover impact/ice breakage and pneumatic damages.

You can protect yourself with a deductible of up to 900 € in case of accident or theft of a small car and this from 7 € per day.

In case of theft or accident, a report must be established within 24 hours (without a report the protection+ pack is cancelled). The protection+ pack must be mentioned on the rental contract.

Did you know that ?
To date, 50% of our customers opt for the Pack Protection+ at each of their rentals.


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