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Terms & Conditions

Article 1 - Definitions and general concepts

The different notions by reference into these Terms shall be construed under the Commission Recommendation of unfair terms and the law applicable to operating leases governed by Tunisian law by Articles 726 and 727 of the Code of Obligations and contracts.

The lease is entered into personae intuitive and can not be assigned.
"You," "tenant" means drivers and payers listed on the rental agreement and signed it that the quality of tenant.
"We", "the lessor" means the Company TUNISIA RENT CAR, whose name appears on the Rental Agreement.
"Vehicle" means a passenger car or commercial vehicle that we rent for the agreed term of the Lease.
"Damage" is considered to damage, any damage occurred to the vehicle including glass breakage, the latter including the optics, mirrors and headlights.
"Flight" is assimilated to theft: vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft.
"Tunisia" means the country where the rented vehicle can travel. Traffic outside of Tunisia is prohibited unless specifically authorized by CAR RENT TUNISIA

Article 2 - Eligibility to rent a car

You must provide us with documents, all information necessary for the establishment of your lease including: your identity (passport), address (home and e-mail), your telephone number, fixed number, date of issue and expiry of your driver s license as well as its place of issue, the means of paying your rent.

A lack of communication of such data the reservation request will be validated

Article 3 - The vehicle

Article 3.1 - State of the vehicle

A descriptive statement of the vehicle is attached to your contract. You agree to write down, before you leave the station, any apparent defect that is not there. Otherwise, we are deemed to have issued a vehicle conforming to the description. Unfortunately we can not consider claims for damage apparent that have not been reported at the time of departure.
You must return the vehicle in the condition you received it. All costs of repair, resulting from a fault of the tenant, will overload the cost of rent, subject to the provisions of the "optional warranty terms."

Section 3.2 - Use of vehicle

You must not circulate the vehicle elsewhere in Tunisia.

According to the principle that penalties, you are responsible for crimes committed during the term of the lease. Thus, you are notified that your details may be disclosed to the police, National Guard or judicial, at their request.

You agree to use the vehicle in "good man" and, without being influenced or ethyl narcotic or any substance likely to affect the conduct in accordance with the rules of the road and use it as intended which, for a particular vehicle, is mainly the carriage of persons as free and for a commercial vehicle, is mainly the carriage of goods.

We draw your attention to the dimensions of commercial vehicles that require more attention during certain maneuvers (eg reverse) and may make it impossible to cross certain roads (tunnels, bridges, etc..), Whose height maximum, according to the regulations, reported in advance.

ATTENTION: In case of failure to appreciate the size of the vehicle.

Shocks top of the vehicle underbody and are not covered under warranty damage except to prove the case of force majeure. You do not have to use the rented vehicle including:

to be rented;
to transport persons for remuneration;
to transport a number of people than that shown on the registration of the vehicle;
to participate in rallies, competitions or tests, regardless of the place;
to give driving lessons;
to push or tow another vehicle (except vehicles equipped with a hook - maximum load 1000 kg);
on roads not passable, or the surface state of repair or poses a risk to the tires or bodies under the vehicle;
to commit an intentional crime.

The goods and baggage carried in the vehicle, including packaging or stowage, must not damage the vehicle or pose unusual risk to its occupants.

When you park the vehicle even for a short stop, you agree to close the vehicle key.
You should never leave your car unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Failure to return keys will result in forfeiture of the guarantee flight.

In case of damage or theft, you must pass to the lessor in the shortest possible time, the accident report or the declaration receipt of flight given by the authorities, as well as the keys and vehicle documents. A breach of the rules, the above will be billed the vehicle.
CAUTION: Section 3-2 sets forth the minimum requirements to be observed during the period in which you have custody of the vehicle.

Section 3.3 - Maintenance / mechanical problems

During your tenancy and the number of miles traveled, you have to do the usual checks (level of coolant, engine oil level in excess of 1000 km, tire pressure, etc..) accordance with a usage of "good father". As such, the Tenant will remain vigilant to any signal emitted by the warning lights appear on the dashboard of the vehicle and take all necessary precautionary measures, if any, such as emergency stop.

The vehicle is provided with five tires whose state is in compliance with traffic regulations. In case of damage to one of them for a reason other than normal wear and tear, latent defect or force majeure, you agree to replace it immediately at your expense by a tire of the same size, same type , same brand, and even wear.

In the event of mechanical failure only (excluding accident), you get a Service assistance, included in the price of your rental. The conditions of this assistance are set out in Article 8 below "Conditions of Insurance, Assistance and Helpful Hints."

ATTENTION: TUNISIA RENT CAR does not undertake to provide you with a car from a specific model, or color, and reserves the right to make changes if needed and this property in case of failure. We guarantee against by the category of your choice and if not available a higher category.

Article 4 - Length of stay

Article 4.1 - Definition of calculation

The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the lessor on the date and time stipulated in the lease or face legal action civil and criminal cases and billing late fees. An excess of 179 minutes is granted. A maximum of two (2) Overtime may be charged.Beyond these five hours, a full day will be charged ATTENTION: There is not be reimbursed for any rental duration shorter than expected in the reservation.

Section 4.2 - Termination of lease
We are committed to give you the security deposit to the rental car at the same time as you remmettiez the keys to the car and that it be in good condition (the initial state is indicated on the contract) delivery of the car must imperatively be made at the place of delivery mentioned in the booking and any changes will be charged € 20 to € 40 (depending on the new place of delivery)

In case of accident, the lease shall end upon delivery to the lessor of an accident report completed by the tenant and the third possible
Article 5 - Payment

Article 5.1 - The price

The rental price is the same shown on our website: http://www.tunisia-rent-car.com. no additional fees or taxes will be charged to the tenant.
Payment is made in cash upon delivery of the car
FREE: baby seat
additional driver
delivery and return of the vehicle anywhere in Tunisia but that m mentioned in the book and not in the rental car (we cover almost the whole country (Bizerte, Tunisia, Tabarka, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, Djerba, Enfidha ,,,,,,,,) and all international airports (airport Tunis Carthage airport zin el Abidine Ben Ali, Enfidha airport, Monastir Airport, Djerba)

Article 6 - Conditions of insurance and assistance


All vehicles in the fleet TUNISIA CAR RENT are provided for injury and property damage you cause to third parties as a result of an accident involving the vehicle in order to comply with compulsory insurance.

Insurance people transported: It covers the driver and all passengers in an accident related to the use of the vehicle. This insurance provides reimbursement for certain medical expenses and the payment of a death or permanent disability.

CAUTION: To not be excluded from the guarantee, you must respect the geographical limitations of movement mentioned in section 3-2.

You must also meet the obligations of the general rental conditions for driving the vehicle, including those for driver s license, compliance with safety conditions and prohibitions on participation in rallies, competitions or tests, the use of towing trailers or other vehicles, and transportation of persons for remuneration. Otherwise, if the driver s responsibility is involved, the insurer reserves the right to seek remedies on behalf of or against that ours driver and / or lessee of the vehicle.

Section 6.2 - Conditions for assistance - Troubleshooting

You get, for the duration of your rental agreed with TUNISIA RENT CAR at no extra cost of a minimum service to Troubleshooting and Support, related to the use of the vehicle in case of mechanical failure only. In case of accident, we provide a help desk from 8 am to 22H in the evening throughout Tunisia and especially in tourist cities suchas Hammamet, Tunisia, Sousse, Monastir, Enfidha. In an emergency you can contact us on our 24H/24H as 216 22 20 40 22


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