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Car rental Tunis

Rent your car in Tunis Tunisia Rent Car at the best price and the railing in the booking form or phone call Renting a car in Tunis during your stay in Tunis is essential and strongly recommended to fully enjoy the riches of this beautiful city that is among the best tourist destinations in the Arab world.

Tunis is the economic and political capiltale of Tunisia, is located in the Gulf of Tunis, has various monuments tourist telque its medina and its banlieus (Sidi Bousaid, tunis, bardo, ..... gammarth). this city is located at a distance of 60km from Hammamet and 140 km from sousse.l airport of Tunis Carthage is located 6km from the city center of Tunis and we provide all types of Transfers from the airport to the city of Tunis at prices we offer cheap taxi Tunisia.

Family Pack: a complete set of services at the lowest price for your travels:
  Free additional driver
  Free baby seat
  Free booster
  A car-old less than nine months and in very good condition is guaranteed