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Car rental in Tunisia
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Car hire in Tunisia
Car hire Monastir Car rental Tunisia
Car hire Djerba Car hire Tunis
Car Hire hammamet Enfidha airport car rental
Car Hire sousse Car Hire Nabeul

Djerba Car Rentals
Rental Renault Symbol in Djerba 22 €/j
Rental Ford Fiesta in Djerba 27 €/j
Taxi airport Tunis - Djerba 40 €/j

7 Polo rental in Djerba
7 Polo rental in Djerba 25 €/j
Car rental Djerba 23 €/j
Shipping car to your hotel Djerba 0 €

Car rental in Djerba
Renting a car in djerba remains very important in order to discover the island of Djerba Island or dream as we often Apelles. and why the CAR RENT TUNISIA offers customers prices for cheap car rental and the like push to promote tourism in this beautiful island as also throughout the car comes tunisien.la e at the airport of Djerba as well as in all the hotels on the island without restriction and a little below here if prentation Djerba then you will know the imprtance rental car djerba rental car you can visit the south of Tunisia and also you can join other tourist cities such as Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet Tunis and even for those who enjoy the discovery tunisia rent car is not just a car rental agency in Tunisia but your company stay in Tunisia and Djerba precisely with programs of excursions and guided tours

South Island of Tunisia located in the Gulf of Gabes with a surface area that exceeds 514 km2 not. Djerba is about fifty km north of Medenine, between the peninsulas of Jorf and Zarzis. This island belongs to the dream Medenine. It is separated from the mainland by an inlet, the channel Ajim, the width of two KM. The island is connected to the mainland since Roman times by a 7 km long road or so, El Kantara, which connects the southern end is at the pe-Peninsula of Zarzis. Northwest ferries and ferries provide easy passage between Adjim and Djorf. The island is flat (elevation below 95 m). It rises to about 56 m at the hill Dhahret Adloun. The ribs that extend 125 km are sandy and beautiful. Its climate is semi-desert with a precipitation of 200 mm / year.

Family Pack: a complete set of services at the lowest price for your travels :
Free additional driver
Free baby seat
Free booster
A car-old less than nine months and in very good condition is guaranteed

Southwest of the island is Guellala, the potters' village. All its inhabitants are engaged in this craft ancestral. Vases, pitchers, jugs litter the ground along the only street. Some are colored clay, others are of dazzling whiteness. the explanation for this difference is that: They will explain that this is a case of water. If the water used is salty with clay gives it the white color. If the water is soft it gives the color clay

Car rental agency in Djerba

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